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Manmarziyaan 2018 Hindi Movie Download HD Cam


Manmarziyaan 2018 Hindi Movie Download HD Cam

Manmarziyaan 2018 Hindi Movie Download HD Cam, Rumi (Taapsee Pannu) a free-lively, vivacious young lady and (Vicky Kaushal), a young fellow sitting tight for his music break are infatuated and they can’t avoid the room. When they’re caught in the act by Rumi’s family, weight develops to get hitched. In any case, Vicky has cool feet and continues keeping away from Rumi’s ask for to bring his folks over and ask her deliver marriage. In the long run, she abandons him and consents to a masterminded marriage. That is when Robbie (Abhishek Bachchan), a broker, enters the notorious love triangle. After the principal meeting, Robbie succumbed to Rumi and concurred for marriage. In any case, Rumi said yes to Robbie as she was irate with Vicky. She endeavored to run off with Vicky two times yet fizzled. Atlast, Robbie and Rumi got hitched and went Kashmir for wedding trip. Before long, Rumi made herself OK with Robbie however can’t get over Vicky. Robbie comprehended her emotions and conversed with Vicky yet Rumi said she is content with the marriage. As a matter of fact regardless she can’t get over Vicky. Along these lines, she kept keeping up an ill-conceived association with Vicky even after marriage. In any case, before long understood that she is succumbing to Robbie. In the interim, Robbie misconstrued her in the wake of watching her with Vicky. He petitioned for legal separation and kept up a separation from Rumi. In the interim, Vicky proposed Rumi for their marriage yet this time Rumi rejected the proposition. She persuaded Vicky to go to Australia. In the meantime, The separation of them got finish. Yet, they before long understood that they can’t survive without one another. In this way, the film closes demonstrating that Rumi and Robbie joined once more.

Manmarziyaan 2018 Hindi Movie Download HD Cam

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