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The Basement 2018 Movie Download HD 720p


The Basement 2018 Movie Download HD 720p

The Basement 2018 Movie Download HD 720p, The Basement opens on text unnecessarily explaining that in the zodiac, Gemini signifies “the twins.” Around the 30-minute mark, Bill tells Craig a childhood story about his sister being abused. Craig attempts to relate by responding that his wife Kelly was also abused when she was in foster care as a kid. As if the connection hadn’t already crystallized, their next scene together has Bill specifically tell Craig that he was in a foster home with his sister before they were sent to different families. If you’re somehow not all the way there yet, when Craig later asks Bill about the enormous Gemini tattoo covering half of his forearm, Bill flat out says, “I have a twin.”

The Basement 2018 Movie Download HD 720p, Discounting a cashier and a pizza delivery guy, the film only features one other person besides Craig’s wife Kelly. That’s her best friend Bianca, who is immediately established as having an affair with Craig. When your movie’s primary pieces can be counted on one hand, maybe don’t spit out a murder motive and supposedly secret link if you want viewers to engage in any sort of intrigue. It’s a preposterous reveal anyway. Can you imagine having a twin sibling and somehow keeping it a complete secret from everyone, especially your spouse? Without a meaningful mystery propelling the plot, “The Basement” basically becomes a simple showcase for Jackson Davis, who vaguely brings to mind Joe Pilato mixed with Brad Dourif, to workshop various voices and character types. With succulent roles for them to bite into, it’s easy to see why Davis and Cayleb Long were attracted to the project. I don’t know why anyone else would be.

The Basement 2018 Movie Download HD 720p

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